At FINE CHAOS, we believe that you as a company have to earn your right to call yourself a sustainable brand. In most cases, companies have not earned this right. It is not enough to have styles made from organic materials or using green energy at your office. You have to implement sustainability and circular systems into every single link of your supply chain to be truly sustainable. As a small independent label, we are not there yet.

That being said, we have green ambitions and try our best to do our part and implement sustainable practices wherever possible. FINE CHAOS is built on a substantial foundation of knowledge about sustainability and circularity in the fashion industry and we are aware of our footprint on the planet and the people living on it. Rather than a branding opportunity we see sustainability and consciousness as something that is a natural part of fashion production and design. We do not see sustainability as an opportunity for financial gain.

We dedicate ourselves to honesty, traceability, trust, and growth through collaboration.

FINE CHAOS seeks to create and follow ambitious but achievable goals:


FINE CHAOS is continously working on establishing solutions which can
donwsize the utilization of plastic. As part of this ambition, FINE CHAOS
has sought on a short-term basis to minimize the use of plastic from all
suppliers by 80%, and for the remaining 20% use plastic.

All used natural materials are certified and organic.
The certifications used for AW23 include, but are not limited to:
– GRS | DENIM (Global Recycle Standard)
– STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX | Jersey, Knit & Accessories
– GOTS | Denim (The Global Organic Textile Standard)
– BCi | Jersey products (Better Cotton Initiative)

Furthermore, FINE CHAOS is implementing exclusive usage of monofibres, to ensure that the products maintain their circularity

FINE CHAOS is hosting events every month, both bigger and smaller events. 

From our party at H15 officially a part of the CPHFW Schedule, to Community Sessions taking place at the store, to a weekend trip to Bornholm to celebrate our collaboration with ACHTUNG. 

These events are a great way of connecting with the people supporting the brand, and an even greater tool to show the universe of the brand to new people.
By putting a lot of energy in the making of the events, we give back to the people showing us support, and furthermore have colorful conversations about how we as a brand can do better.

FINE CHAOS could not be here without the community that is surrounding it. The people we have met through our events are friends today – close friends that inspire and collaborate with us. 

Thank you.

We constantly plan new FINE CHAOS events, not only in Denmark / Copenhagen. If you want to know more about the next event, consider subscribing to the newsletter or following us on Instagram, as they are the main channels of information about our events.

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For FINE CHAOS, it’s seen as self-evident to work with diversity, inclusivity and political topics – all which flourishes in our community.

We use our privilege to work towards creating safer spaces, internally (at our events, office, Flagship store e.g.) and externally (at our production e.g.)

Everyone should be treated equal, no matter ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, and overall diversity.

We work towards better and more sustainable production by working transparently with manufacturers. Transparency, trust and communication is extremely important, as manufacturing takes place outside of Denmark, in Poland, Turkey and Portugal. The certifications we currently have for cotton products are GOTS & ISO9001 (For the material) and for recycled polyester GRS / Global Recycle Standard.

Designing is only (or less than) 50% of the work of making a garment, therefore we have great responsibility that all partners of FINE CHAOS are thriving, here referencing the pattern markers, seamstresses, fabric sourcers & all other people working with the production.

Our manufacturers  have the certification ‘BSCI’ / , ensuring proper working conditions and fair wages to the people that sew our garments.

When sourcing materials and textiles for our collections, it is important for us at FINE CHAOS that we don’t compromise on our brand DNA. Many see sustainable solutions as simple and boring, but for us these solutions often lead to innovative ideas.

We use deadstock from other brands and suppliers when possible and like to transform uninteresting discarded textiles into innovative and exciting new fabrics by using different printing techniques. When deadstock isn’t available, we like to choose the most sustainable option available.

As an example, our t-shirts are made from heavy and high-quality 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. We use the same textiles in multiple collections in order to minimize leftover deadstock from our production.

Collaborations play a huge role for FINE CHAOS, as the brand always seeks out from the comforting fashion industry to seek new inspiration. Culture is key.

The label seeks to present two collaborations per season – with one being non-profit, reflecting the core values of the brand. The multilayered storytelling integrated into each collection, ensures that each and every garment has deeply integrated meanings, allowing the consumer to rediscover new concepts & references time after time – establishing product longevity.

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