FINE CHAOS is a disruptive, deconstructive and young brand. All collections start with two opposites, which the Creative Director, Marc C. Møllerskov, builds concepts within the span of two opposites, and the name FINE CHAOS is also a reflection of his own design process – chaotic yet that is how the beauty is found and made. All designs have a kind of disruptiveness to them, loading the garment with ‘time’, where the consumer can feel the hands that created the garment.

Craftsmanship is extremely important and it must support the idea for the specific garment, as else you design for a product to have a short lifespan. By integrating a deeply layered storytelling into each garment, you can keep exploring new things in it. A perfect example of this is our Magazine shirt or Ravers Club Top, where you keep finding new patterns within the print.
A garment is never seen in full potential until it has reached its owner, as a FINE CHAOS garment is much about identity.

As we strive to be the voice of the youth, our collections tell a story that hopefully starts a dialogue about how the younger generation sees the future. This is seen through vocal print designs, sharp silhouettes and the fitting color choices of the collections. 

To explore more of the collections and the work behind it, go to the ‘Universe’ section, where you can explore previous lookbooks, editorials, and the raw process behind the creations.

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