in search of exaggerated synonyms for RIOT

human machina 


Haggard bird

I am out of air_gasping
For a brief moment,
Walking down down down down 
chase the top my dear ————–
They will realise 
YOUTH will prEvaillL. Believe/lief





Like the look in the mirror? 

Remember the dust behind, 

The saddle is not for the prince on the white horse,


Measure happiness, friend


The breed in seek of nest, 
To the Queen of the rest,
They selfish, they greedy, fight the greed
If nature will, you have your bed and bread.



Walking cost a fortune,
Air become the main importune,
Silk cuts like metal to the skin,
The human values are nearing the bin,
The nature fails to win,
where the human sin,
Because Sin was integrated in decision,
With a bleeding eye you can’t see the sun,
Vision, vision, lack and poverty-is
Let me see my son,
Let the sun see it won,
and if not,
burn the branches that were worthless

All crimes are paid

When there’s no future how can there be sin?
We’re the flowers in the dustbin
We’re the poison in your human machine — We’re the future, your future

The future, chaos IS




is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped. It’s a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress. In many cases, burnout is related to one’s job.





















Roses were red when the rain used to pour

your dreams
                    are not where they can
                                                          interest the money that
                                                                                                 you need.

glass was half full, why were you not satisfied? 
you spilled meanwhile pouring, why were you not gratified? 
you didn’t clean up instead partying, why were you blind to being fragile?
poor world, dance while the sunglasses are intact 


I want to pick the flowers I love with my children 
We will rebuild and build control 




amusement of something unseen, ressources lower then ever. Repair what must be repaired, also what can’t be repaired 



circle of life has finally been threatened to wake up stupidity. Your lunch is in danger




wake up, you reached the station 


6 days until the show. The show must go on and so must the work the brain tells.

As a creative, these periods before release can seem so stressful no matter how much preparation you do ——- it can always be better

The biggest enemy is our own ego to an extend where restlessness become the power of execution

However, this is our debut show and we will make sure this is an experience you as a viewer will feel and not forget.

6 days 6 days 6 days – count count count – The ripple effect will show its full effect. 






metallic exp
   3 weeks till the show. Nerves increasing
it’s just drapes. 
When draping, the fun can can quickly overpower the focus of the result, which initially is a GOOD thing, but the feeling of confusion can’t be ignored when looking at process so-far. Gather fragments, stick them with tape and evaluation of own content. 

    Also, drink loads of coffee.
























     00:01 AM quality,
  rough edges can improve idea generating               


Time has outpaced my schedule
So has expectations

The wood’s veins, the calender in the kitchen, the used paper in the bin, the unremoveable stains on the floor, the unpaid bills (don’t worry, I will pay them asap), my student ID, my unravelling cross-stitch (for the fourth time), my family, my loss of interests, Shelly, friend’s life, my tattoos, plants, the glass of water sitting next to me as I write this and the music playing in the background (Pinocchio Story), the sketches, the to-do’s on the whiteboard, my bank account, the samples hanging on the hangers, this studio, this blog, the growth of FINE CHAOS, the team of FINE CHAOS, the chase, the hunger, the uneaten chocolate cookie on the table, the holidays, the birthdays of loved ones, my loved ones. Culture, community, movements. Rewind, rewind, rewind.


Currently hand-felting wool for a pair of trousers. Almost done, but wanted to clear my mind before finishing.

I witnessed a gathering of six young people wearing organic and freely hanging garments – sensing a refreshing air when witnessing their presence. I’m walking through Frederiksberg Garden, as I spot them. 3 of them (despite the cold weather) sit comfortably on the ground, chatting meanwhile drinking from their coffee cups. One of them is wearing a distressed white sweater with loud neon green painted symbols, which from my interpretation, is inspired by ancient symbolism. 

No words, symbols communicating and creating understanding. Like codes.



I made two of the same legs…. Fucking late hours 

A feeling of making the worthless matter – a feeling of making the expensive priceless and conforming.

I search the meaning of the starving artist – is it the hunger of achieving a glory of life or a glory of income? The paradox of the starving artist is the lack of wealth meanwhile the chase and hunger for success is ever great.

 If the/an artist reaches economical status and fame, the heart of art slowly decays into a ‘heart of money’; exposing the new found state of mind by material objects. If the case is the opposite – the artist will forever suffer to the loss and regret will build a wall between the eye and the beauty of art. 

Note 14/10/21 01:12; Accomplishment comes with a needed cost, art must be cool.

As neglect of influence has become some sort of way to portray one’s ‘originality’ I started this project in denial of answering my thoughts question ‘What/who am I influenced by/of?’

Now, I have learned this is the way of disbanding initial new ideas emerging from others work or thoughts.

Last night, I read the first chapters of the biography ‘Blood Beneath the Skin’. I learned and got reminded what this runway collection needs to achieve and do. Not only create a cinematic and expressive performance, but serve as a celebration of the every day human, its beauty and despair. 

A ripple effect is an event which causes a series of other effects to happen –  like ripples expanding across the water when an object is dropped into it.   

I start to get a grasp of the theme; trying to gather the thoughts with abstract key- words & sentences written down in my notebook;


The clock is 11:41 AM; on my routinely walk for a cheap lunch. 

A group of girls in renowned all over printed flower dresses is standing and enjoying each others company, expressing a form of wellbeing of life. Multicolored tulips, hollyhocks in a purple and dark red nuance, and big bright yellow sunflowers. I love flowers, all though I never have been the best caretaker of them. But in this context, the flower and its spark is marking a gathering. As I’m walking past, I notice the same draped shapes on all of the dresses. Influence is the word on my mind, as eye contact is established with one of the girls, which is quickly interrupted by a greeting from a new joiner of the group.

Influence. A word also used in my previous notes the other day. What a powerful word. 

It fascinates me how groups and communities reflect their persona through what they’re wearing. 

It’s morning, 8:48, as I’m walking to the studio based in inner city Copenhagen, Kronprinsessegade 6,1. It’s starting to get cold, layers upon layers of fabric are applied to keep the warmth. Yet, on my way to work, I spot younger groups of people in exaggerated oversized clothing, which has many distressed cuts near the knee and upper body, neglecting the autumn weather to represent their choice of expression. Letters written on the clothing with what seems to be acrylic painting judging from it’s sheen.

I start to wonder what the importance of our outfit has for the open forum and mostly for themselves. Their clothing made me intrigued about them as persons, their background and values. No such medium has this power as clothing (or maybe you can count in jewelry as well), and this is what makes the fabric on our body such a strong tool to communicate ideas and ideology. 

They represented an attitude of rebellion that is youthful and full of hope; a coolness and celebration of being some sort of outcast. I wanted to be a part of their group; which made me wonder.. 

Was I ever categorized as an ‘outcast’? And what even is an outcast..

Movements movements movements

The word has been spinning on my mind as I try to gather a visual image of the thought. Movements is a word with multiple meanings, as it can be political (my first thought), a physical action, an event of taking objects from a to b, a natural action. For my use, I will stick to the political version of the word. 

The word came up as I was watching the ‘Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist’, a documentary about Vivienne Westwood (if you didn’t already know the legend’s full name) life. The whole Sex Pistols movement, which caused a big stir in the British youth, was an example of a movement started by her. She later on joined the climate change movement, brave as she is a part of the problem herself. I wont touch more on the documentary as I think you should watch it yourself (as any other form of art), but it kept me stuck with the word ‘Movements’. 

Is a movement caused by one person or a group of people? Are groups/communities a product of movements or is it the other way around? How are these movements looking today and where are they taking place?

As I’m starting on this personal journal for the upcoming runway, I want to express the fear that has occurred as the idea came closer to realization. 

I’m not a writer, I’m not a protagonist, I’m not a price winning designer (yes you may press the x in the corner already).

I have always kept my thoughts and notes to myself, to document and navigate through the process of projects, and also of life. 

The reasoning behind making this a public thing, is that hopefully a few design- students or enthusiasts will take notice of this, and use it as an inspiration to create and share their own work. 

Furthermore, as FINE CHAOS is a new brand unknown to many, I hope this journey can put some light on the work we lay behind the concepts, collections and the dreams that we have of interrupting the current fashion industry. 

It is with joy and anxiousness, that I now want to take you through my thought streams from start to finish of the runway collection, which’s theme at this very moment is unknown to both the reader and myself. 

As aforementioned, this is a first time, so please bear with me if anything is not living up to your expectations. You don’t pay for this, just remember that. 

Thank you for joining this journey and let’s get started.